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The Hidden One is the last booklet in Persistence and it’s the longest of 21 chapters. Human’s dreadful history of wars inspired me to write it and I’ve encountered no-one that fully understands its unconventional content today. I’ve written and designed this book architecture after completing Microeconomics which I felt fell short of telling the whole story. The Hidden One is also co-named ‘Sirius Players’ which explains dozens of mysteries in our many pretending civilizations globally today. 

 1. I explain why mainstream foods, dwellings, utilities, transports, and hygiene products are designed to degrade our life spans.


2. I explain why hundreds of religions, languages, and cultures were implemented in the last 6,000 years.


3. I explain why wars, racism, & prejudice were implemented globally which produced many new breeds of human races, at a rapid pace, in the last 12,900 years. I also explain why people may see, hear, & feel spirits.


4. Learn the sinister design and treacherous reasons of why humans are influenced to wear heavy conductive metals like gold for jewelry.


5. Inquire how agriculture & living with animals degraded us and how we can live unthinkable ages by consuming ‘Persistence Elements’ while enhancing our livelihoods by using ‘Simulated Entertainment.’ 


Humanity has historically failed because we were insisted to disregard ‘genuine knowledge’ to upgrade our health and livelihoods for over 12 millenniums. Furthermore, people just don’t perceive they can live unthinkable ages and our many civilizations are designed to poison them daily. Simulated Entertainment implemented by The Hidden One is a hundred times more pleasurable than our daily lives.


The many pleasures Sirius Players receive from possession & acquiring our life highlights (soul) by swiftly capturing our fondest experiences are truly beyond phenomenal! So, regrettably, in our foreseeable future, they’ll likely continue to misuse The Hidden One against gullible people until the next extinction event.


Today, I insight this knowledge but take no pleasure in knowing how our pretending world works which toil, deceive, and prevent billions of us from upgrading. Note, avoid fearing The Hidden One which can increase micro-deception & mischief many times to us. Furthermore, slick beings in our immense universe, implementing The Hidden One can collaborate swift spite beyond reason which should never be provoked and always respected. -DVG.